An individual's ability to pay his or her child support obligations is not static. Unemployment, unforeseen medical expenses, heightened child care costs and runaway college expenses are just some of the scenarios that might require a person to seek a modification to alter the amount of child support that is due.

In Alpharetta, a man decided to take a different approach to solving his child support conundrum. Police recently arrested a man for allegedly taking a 55-inch television from his workplace. At the time of his arrest, the man allegedly told police that he needed to pawn the television in order to pay for child support.

Rather than stealing a television from one's employer in order to pawn it, people who need to alter the amount of child support they pay should consider seeking a child support modification instead. Child support modifications can be made when life circumstances change.

When reviewing a child support modification request, the court will consider if there is a significant financial change, such as unemployment or unexpected medical bills. The court will also look at other factors, such as if one or both of the child's parents have remarried.

For people who lose their job, Georgia law allows for retroactive adjustment of child support payments. The court may reduce the total amount owed from the date the modification request was filed onward.

Courts understand that circumstances change. Individuals who can no longer afford their child support payment because of a substantial change may benefit from speaking to an experienced family law attorney who can help them understand all of their options so that they can take proper action.

Source: Appen Newspapers, "Man in Alpharetta takes TV for child support," April 2, 2012