Couples in Georgia and beyond who are entering into a marriage may wish to consider signing a prenuptial agreement. The late Whitney Houston's estate provides a good example of the importance of planning for the future, especially regarding financial concerns.

When Houston married Bobby Brown, the couple signed a prenuptial agreement which stated that neither person would attempt to financially benefit from the other in the event of a divorce. Following the couple's divorce, Houston updated her will. The updated will did not provide her ex-husband with any form of inheritance upon her death. Given Houston's wealth and the upsurge in royalties likely to result from the renewed interest in her work after her death, it would be tempting to challenge the validity of the updated will absent the previous prenuptial agreement.

Individuals who have an established estate with significant assets and wealth preceding a marriage would likely benefit from a prenuptial agreement. However, people without significant assets may also wish to consider establishing a prenuptial agreement.

In particular, people who have children from a previous marriage, those who own a business or those who simply prefer to address property and marital assets before getting embroiled in a contentious divorce would be wise to research whether a prenuptial agreement makes sense for them.

To ensure enforceability of a prenuptial agreement, each party must make full disclosure of their finances, seek out proper legal advice and enter into the agreement freely. Should the couple divorce, courts will likely ask whether the agreement was fair when the couple signed it, whether the parties understood what they were signing and whether the couple had proper legal counsel.

Because of the serious nature of a prenuptial agreement and other potential legal questions, both sides would be wise to work with an experienced attorney who can strive to protect an individual's assets.

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