Divorce is never easy. As couples in Georgia begin sorting through various matters, it can be emotional and frustrating. However, one couple's divorce has turned particularly nasty as the wife throws out accusations of physical, mental and emotional abuse.

The wife of former professional football player, Deion Sanders, filed for divorce in late December. The couple has been married for 12 years, but in that time, Pilar Sanders claims that her husband committed multiple acts of adultery and abused her. She also alleges that the former football player is a bully with narcissistic personality disorder.

The couple shares three children together, and Pilar Sanders has requested sole custody.

In addition, the couple signed a prenuptial agreement that would grant Pilar Sanders $1 million. However, she now believes that she is entitled to much more and would like the prenuptial agreement thrown out.

Now in recent days, Pilar Sanders claims that her husband has left her without any money. She says that he cancelled her credit cards and has only given her $300 since she filed for divorce at the end of last year. Even more shockingly, she says he has only offered her money in exchange for sex.

Although this couple's divorce is quite contentious, it does serve as an example of how difficult divorce can be. The Sanders, as well as anyone in Georgia who is facing divorce, would likely benefit from working with an experienced family law attorney. An attorney can work on behalf of an individual to make sure their rights remain protected.

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