Most everyone has heard of music sensation, Usher, but it's rare that the average Georgia resident finds a reason to relate to a megastar.

Recently, reports confirmed that the music icon has more in common with everyday Americans than one may have originally thought. The singer is now facing a child custody battle and is engaged in legal turmoil with his ex-wife.

The singer's ex-wife has requested that joint custody of their children be revoked. She claims that Usher has continually failed to meet legal obligations. She also reported that he has neglected to make his promised payment of $5,000 a month, which would allow the children's mother to employ a nanny. She claims he now owes her more than $34,000.

Court documents confirm not only Usher's ex-wife's request that joint custody be stripped, but also outlines his failure to adhere to other obligations, such as giving the children's mother a chance to approve of hired nannies, and allowing the mother to be the first point of contact to care for the children when the singer is going to be away for more than eight hours. The mother also says the singer should have given her two weeks with the children in the summer of 2011 and given her custody during Christmas in 2010, but he failed to follow through on those requests.

In a separate claim, the woman says the singer specifically told her he would not cancel her credit card at Saks Fifth Avenue, but has done that as well.

Child custody issues can be complicated and it often seems there is more involved in each situation than the best interests of the children. While it may seem difficult for the average American to relate to music and movie stars, both the rich and famous and every day average Americans face divorce and child custody issues.

Source: TMZ, "Usher's Ex-Wife: You Don't DESERVE Our Kids," Nov. 29, 2011