Divorce affects all segments of society from rich to poor, and knows no racial or cultural barriers. It even affects the ministry, as we recently learned after hearing the news that a well known pastor of a Georgia church is now facing divorce himself.

Bishop Eddie Long recently announced to his congregation that he would be taking a break from his ministry to concentrate on what he termed family matters. The church leader has been married to his wife for 21 years. They have three children together, along with another child from a previous marriage. His wife filed for divorce earlier this month.

The underlying allegations are salacious. The pastor grew the ministry from a flock of 150 to an international denomination of more than 25,000 by preaching a message that God would reward the faithful with wealth. But a little more than a year ago, he was beset with a lawsuit from four young men who alleged that the pastor used his wealth and status to lure them into sexual relationships. While his wife stood by him, the pastor denied the allegations. The cases were settled without any admission of wrongdoing, and without disclosure of the terms of settlement.

While the scandal has understandably rocked the pastor's Georgia church, the minister will now have to deal with the specifics of his divorce as well. In addition to an equitable division of their assets, the couple will likely have to sort out child custody and child support issues for their three children. Each will undoubtedly rely upon experienced legal advice as they strive to resolve their family issues.

Source: The Florida Courier, "Bishop taking break, wife seeking divorce," Dec. 8, 2011