Georgia residents that have gone through or are experiencing the drama a marital separation entails know just how exhausting the process can be. Not many Georgia residents, however, have to deal with sexual assault allegations in the midst of divorce. That was the case for one couple living in Illinois.

The husband was convicted of raping four women and stalking another in 2008. He was sent to prison, but it wasn't until very recently that their divorce was finalized.

The couple was also the subject of a documentary conducted by Investigation Discovery. In the documentary, the woman described her marriage and life with the convicted rapist. She discussed how the family coped with both the trial and the conviction. In the documentary she says she is still unsure about the case against her now ex-husband.

Four months after the premiere of the documentary, the divorce between the couple has been finalized. Although it is unclear from media reports when the divorce had been filed, it is presumable that the trial and conviction were precipitating factors in the divorce.

Although not many Georgia residents will be able to relate to a case like this, it does serve as a good example that not every marriage can be saved. Hopefully with this divorce finalization, the wife and the rest of her family can take this as a fresh start and move on with their lives.

Residents in Georgia who are facing divorce may benefit from consulting with an experienced family law attorney.

Source: WJBC, "Pelo divorce finalized," Nov. 22, 2011