Parents only want what is best for their children, but one National Football League player thinks the mother of his child is going too far in requesting an unreasonable amount of child support.

Georgia residents may have heard about a child support case involving one of the stars of the NFL, Jay Ratliff. The Dallas Cowboys' defensive nose tackle says he is ready to step up to the plate to care for and support his newborn son, but he will not allow the child's mother to take advantage of his considerable wealth.

Earlier this year, a woman claiming to have been carrying Ratliff's baby filed a paternity suit against the football player. The football player, who recently inked a contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys for $40 million, agreed to submit to a paternity test. The results showed a positive match between Ratliff and the baby. The woman then filed a request that Ratliff be required to pay child support for the child, though she is reportedly seeking more child support than the state guidelines suggest.

Ratliff says he wants to be a part of the child's life. He is seeking shared custody with the child's mother and currently visits his son a reported three times weekly.

Child support matters can sometimes be complicated. Georgia residents dealing with child support issues may benefit from the advice and guidance of an experienced family law attorney. The attorney may be able to help formulate a plan that is reasonable and beneficial for all of the parties involved.

Source: TMZ, "Cowboys Star to Judge: I Want to be Involved in My Child's Life," Nov. 15, 2011