Child support disputes are never easy cases in Georgia or, in fact, anywhere. They often involve a non-custodial parent who is unable to pay due to financial hardship and a custodial parent who is trying to do what is in the child's best interest. This may be the case regarding one child support dispute involving a singer.

Many in Georgia may remember the song "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)," which was released in 1990. The song, performed by Stevie B. reached the top spot on the billboard charts late that year. Recently however, Steven Bernard Hill (the singer's real name) has found himself charged with $420,000 in unpaid child support. He was arrested in Massachusetts while performing on tour.

It is unclear why the singer allegedly owes so much in back child support, although it would appear he has missed quite a few court-ordered payments. It is also unclear whether the singer disputes the amount. If he does owe the amount due, his failure to pay could be due to any number of reasons including financial hardship or an honest dispute. It also could be due to a willful failure to pay.

Although it may seem surprising that a former chart-topping musician is now charged with $420,000 in unpaid child support, many people across the U.S. and in Georgia are discovering that the weak economy is forcing them to fall behind on many of their bills. For parents in this situation, an experienced family law attorney may be able to help with seeking a child support modification agreement. For parents trying to collect child support, a family law attorney can help seek enforcement of court orders and press to collect the payments due to support the child. Whatever the situation, an attorney experienced in family law and child support issues may help resolve outstanding issues.

Source: The Boston Globe, "Singer due in Mass. court on child support charges," Oct. 2, 2011