Residents of Georgia may be interested in knowing how courts deal with child custody issues when one or both parents move to another state. The issue was recently addressed in a California court concerning Jesse James, the "Monster Garage" host and former husband of Sandra Bullock. James has been locked in a California child custody dispute with another ex-wife, who happens to be an adult movie actress.

She lost custody of the couple's 7-year-old daughter to James when she was sentenced to federal prison for tax evasion. After he gained custody, James moved to Texas with his daughter, and the mother moved to Oregon when she got out of prison to be closer to her immediate family.

And yet issues over child custody and visitation rights remained, all of which have now been resolved by the Orange County Superior Court in California. The mother will have visitation with the child for one week every month, and James has agreed to pay her transportation costs and lodging for each visit. While the court finalized the open issues, it also granted the request of James that jurisdiction be moved to Hays County, Texas. In effect the court divested itself of any future jurisdiction because neither party currently resides in California.

Jurisdiction is an important aspect of matrimonial and child custody litigation, particularly when parents live in different locations. The mother, who has apparently struggled with drug abuse problems, will have to now convince a Texas family court judge if she seeks any other changes to the custody arrangement. Contested custody proceedings are often gut-wrenching battles over custodial provisions, visitation and money.

Source:, "Jesse James' Child Custody Case Moved To Texas," Sept. 22, 2011