Marriage is often viewed as a contract with a life-long term. That may explain why divorce is often filled with contentious issues as the spouses seek to undo an agreement that was meant to be, "'Til death do us part." In that vein, Georgia residents may be interested to learn of an unusual proposal in our country's southern neighbor, Mexico.

Mexico City legislators proposed a rather unique bill in early October. The bill would require couples to sign a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is a type of contract that details how potentially tricky issues such as, division of assets and in some cases even custody arrangements, will be handled in the event of a divorce. However, in this proposal the bill would also require the prenuptial agreement to include a term for the marriage.

In other words, couples would be required to come to an agreement on how long they plan to be married. The minimum term would be for two years. Although a local news report did not mention, couples could presumably agree to a life-long term as well. It was not clear if the marriage would dissolve upon the end of the term or if the couple could remain married. Perhaps, after the term is satisfied, it could be speculated that the couple would also have the option to renew their commitment -- like a cell phone contract.

For now, the proposal is just that: a proposal. It is also highly unlikely to have any effect on Georgia residents anytime soon. So for the time being, divorce in Georgia will still involve dissolving a broken commitment through the court system.

Georgia residents considering divorce would most likely benefit by meeting with a family law attorney. Divorce can be a quagmire and issues left unresolved could later become significant problems. An experienced attorney may be able to assist with ensuring an equitable resolution of all matters while protecting the property and personal rights of the client.

Source: Savannah Now, "Contract marriages lead to divorce," Lane Filler, Oct. 8, 2011