Not every divorce ends in hostility. Ending a relationship in Georgia or anywhere, especially after a long marriage, is difficult emotionally and often financially. When one or both partners are celebrities, there are additional issues beyond dividing assets and arranging child custody and support payments. Many times a divorce between public figures is also played out in the media, making the emotional battle of divorce all the more painful.

On August 12, the divorce between rock star John Mellencamp and his ex-wife, was finalized in Brown Circuit Court in Nashville, Indiana. It was revealed the couple will divide their assets according to a prenuptial agreement they each signed on September 3, 1992, two days before their wedding. The rocker's ex-wife will have custody of their two boys, ages 16 and 17.

Other details of the divorce were included in a 31-page settlement agreement, which was sealed by the court.

Mellencamp has won of 13 Grammys, is an inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and is one of the creators of the Farm Aid concerts. He and his ex-wife, a former model, have shown it is possible to divorce with a measure of dignity. While the emotional pain involved in dissolving such a long marriage is not easy to bear, it is gratifying when we see a public couple able to come to a private agreement.

Divorce is never easy to endure, but prenuptial agreements often make sense when one or both parties have accumulated assets before the marriage. The laws regarding prenuptial agreements vary from state to state. In Georgia, an attorney devoted to helping people who wish to avoid problems should they eventually fall victim to divorce, may offer some guidance in securing a peaceful parting.

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