Child support arrears are a pressing topic in Georgia. However, unpaid balances become especially important each August, as families prepare for children to return to school. School clothes, together with school supplies, put additional strain on the family budget; especially when part of that budget is dependent on child support payments that are not made in a timely manner.

Recently, Nevada has come up with a unique amnesty program that is designed to encourage people owing back child support to make payments without penalty, or otherwise arrange a payment plan.

The Clark County program was intentionally scheduled to help get overdue back payments to assist families in paying for school expenses. The local district attorney's office said the last time they offered such a program they were able to raise over $200,000 in back support.

The amnesty program also allows participants to avoid jail time, outstanding penalty fees and also permits those who have lost their driver's license for non-payment an opportunity to get their license back.

If an individual responsible for child support payments has had a change in financial circumstances, the office said it would work with them on a modification, where appropriate.

One participant in the Nevada program praised the procedure and said it allowed him to get back his license without having to go through more paperwork and court appearances.

Many times obtaining a child support judgment for past due payments is just part of the battle. Government agencies have a variety of procedures to strengthen enforcement. But often those parents who are owed money find themselves at a loss when trying to collect what is owed to them. In Georgia, an attorney devoted to representing people in the midst of child support disputes may provide some measure of relief in devising a plan to obtain a just result.

Source: KLAS-TV 8 News NOW, "Amnesty Offered for Parents Behind in Child Support," Chris Saldana, Aug. 16, 2011